Collection: Set For A Vet

Set for a Vet Program

Playing guitar is one of those things that is more than just a hobby. Everybody has that certain song they play that evokes memories of joy when having a rough day. Music has the power to help heal, inspire, and enlighten. It is one of the simple things God gave us to make our lives on this earth better.

That is why Guitar Authority™ is a proud sponsor of The Healing Box Project. The Healing Box Project is an organization bringing healing to disabled veterans through the joy of playing guitar. The Healing Box Project provides free guitar lessons to veterans, and even provide a free guitar for 100% disabled veterans.

At Guitar Authority™ we are grateful for the opportunity to partner with The Healing Box Project though a program called “A Set for a Vet”. When you purchase a set of strings to donate to The Healing Box Project, Guitar Authority™ will match that set with another set of strings.

Together as musicians, we can help bring healing to the great heroes of our country who have made tremendous sacrifices for the cause of freedom. Let’s fill in the gap where so many have left these men and women who have served us, broken. 

You can find out more about The Healing Box Project at or or