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Artist Series Dan Thompson "Slick"

Artist Series Dan Thompson "Slick"

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As a guitar player of many different styles and genres, I’ve always found it difficult to find the right gauge of strings for my guitars. Playing on a standard set of 9’s, I could play pitch bends with ease, but had terrible tuning stability in drop tunings. Playing on standard 11’s, tuning stability was great but pitch bends made my fingers bleed. Standard 10’s were a compromise on both, but not particularly great at either. Enter the Dan Thompson artist series. After lots of trial and error testing different gauges, we’ve developed a set that literally is a master of all trades! Thick low end tuning stability, and slim high end for screaming pitch bends and singing melodies - all without compromising touch and feel with balanced tension for a smooth transition between all strings. These are exceptionally great for weekend players and church musicians who find it difficult to keep their calluses strong throughout the week, but need to play and sound like a professional on the weekend (or on YouTube)!

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